Gunwagon is a top-down shooter where the goal is to escort your trusty donkey across the country for......reasons. Zombies large and small are out for your brains. Upgrade your wagon train with useful carts, arm yourself with powerful guns and fight your way to victory and become the savior of all humankind!

The Donkey

Your donkey knows the way. Having lost your map during your escape from a zombie horde you must rely on it for direction. The donkey also relies on you for moral support, it will only move when you are nearby. Keep it alive and level it up when you reach town to increase it's speed and health.

The Carts

There are 5 carts, they are:

  • Cargo: Allows the player to store additional loot.

  • Medical: Heals the player when standing in range.

  • Turret: A mounted gun that automatically fires at zombies within it's radius.

  • Upgrader: A mobile workshop that allows the player to use collected scrap to level up guns.

  • VaccWagon: An industrial vacuum pump that attracts nearby loot.

The Guns

There are a dozen different gun types, most of them will appear randomly in the gun shop. There are also a few special weapons that can only be found by re-rolling a gun at the "Gun Roller" hidden on every map. Each weapon type has it's own fire-rate, spread, and range with higher levels and rarities increasing damage.

Current guns include:

  • 9mm Pistol

  • Revolver

  • Machine pistol

  • 2 Sub machine guns

  • 2 Assault rifles

  • 2 Shotguns

  • 2 Marksman rifles

  • Secret guns that can only be found at the Gun Roller?!?!?

  • Aaaaaand round it out with a flame-thrower for good measure

(Yes the flame-thrower sets zombies on fire, no zombies don't catch each-other on fire, I tested it and it's just....too much fire, like really too much.)

The Modes

25 Round: Reach the 25th town alive to complete the game and reveal the truth about the source of the zombies. (Bum bum BUMMMmmMMmmMM)

Infinite: Reach for the stars! Keep going past the 25th town, Zombies get harder, guns get more powerful. It doesn't stop until you die... or an integer overflows and the game crashes.