(All features are subject to change up to release)

  • GUNS!!! Twelve different gun types to fit any playstyle.

  • Swap guns between rounds at the gun shop.

  • WAGONS!!! Replenish health, carry loot. (and wagons with guns?!?)

  • Grenades. (boosh!)

  • Character customization.

  • Zombies galore! With four elite types of zombies to keep you on your toes.

  • A donkey. (Try to keep it alive, but whatevs.)

  • 100 hand-crafted maps.

  • A market to sell your extra loot with randomized prices. (Stonks!)

  • Loot boxes! (They never cost real money and even have a sparkly animation when you open them!)

  • Skills without trees! (It's better for the environment.)

  • Special abilities!

  • Big boss zombies that poop out regular sized zombies!

  • Flaming skulls!

  • Death stats!

  • Full gamepad support! (in testing)

  • Secret cheat codes! (shhhhh....)

  • Face jelly! (Some local organic raspberry if you were wondering)

  • Endless mode! (in testing)

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